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To optimize the global logistics industry by solving existing problems through collaboration, innovation, and technology.





No Waste in Global Logistics.



In January 1st 2018, the DOT mandate for ELD (Electronic Logging Device) became effective. Everyone in the trucking industry felt the capacity shrunk overnight. We start to hear ridiculous stories of freight forwarders calling over 40 draymen to find the capacity they needed. We also saw all the steamship lines start to reduce their door move offerings. Some jacked up the price, others had to refuse businesses. Between driver shortage, equipment instability, and customers continuously breathing down our necks. Nothing seem to be working the way it used to.


This got us to start thinking, and we started asking a lot of WHY’s. Why do we run the drayage business the same way for as long as we can remember? Why hasn’t there been much innovation? Why is there nothing on the market that helps draymen communicate better with their customers? Why does all the load boards look and feel so old and none of them seems to work well for drayage? Why is it so hard to coordinate for the right equipment, chassis, and driver? Why aren’t we helping each other be more efficient?


With these thoughts, MyTyrn Technology, LLC was born. A technology company dedicated to make drayage more efficient. The extra “Y” in our name, stands for the extra WHY’s we keep asking ourselves to bring more value to each stakeholder involved in this complex business. To start things off, we built a drayage marketplace like nothing we've seen in the past. A marketplace that allows draymen to easily publish their availability and allow everyone else to make bookings accordingly. A marketplace that brings users closer together to find the perfect street turns while minimizing empty miles for each drayage move. A marketplace where you can simply get drayage done. We're not stopping here. While we launch this first version, we are developing brand new features for the next phases that are designed to make things even better.


In the months and years to come, we are committed to YOU: the draymen that haul containers between ramps, ports, depots, and the customer warehouses; the steamship lines that works hard to maintain the door move service level; the freight forwarders that coordinates between everyone involved; the service brokers that make things happen behind the scene; last but not least, the manufactures that supports the jobs of thousands of people. We will continue to make drayage easy, so you can be focus on what you do best. We appreciate and welcome all the feedback you may have for us and look forward to serving you through technology, innovation, and the passion for doing things a better way.


Let’s dray more, together!